conservating cuyabeno reserve

That it is forbidden to take Cuyabeno

Welcome to another of our posts related to the beautiful Cuyabeno and this time we must expand the context on what is prohibited to wear. We know that many of you love to travel and explore, but it is important to take into account certain restrictions and prohibitions to ensure safety and protection of the environment.

One of the most important things that you should keep in mind is that it is forbidden to bring any type of food and drink to the reserve and this is because the presence of edible products can attract animals and affect their natural behavior, that is, they Any food residue can cause the proliferation of bacteria and affect the environment.

List of what is prohibited to bring to Cuyabeno

The introduction of plants, seeds and other objects of plant origin that may bring pests or diseases that affect the biodiversity of the nature reserve is totally prohibited. Although it may seem harmless to carry a plant or seeds as a souvenir, it can be very dangerous for biodiversity and protected species.

Among the prohibitions are the following:

  • Pyrotechnic elements
  • Objects that are sharp
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Electronic hair dryers or appliances
  • Laptops or laptops
  • Food prepared before arriving at Cuyabeno
  • Refrigerant drinks or compressed gases in cans
  • Fishing rods
  • Pets like cats or dogs
  • Thermal coats or thick clothing
  • Firearms
  • Straws or straws
  • Snowboards
  • Surfboards

In Cuyabeno it is also prohibited to smoke and light fires to minimize the risk of forest fires that can have devastating consequences on the environment and nearby communities.

Another important point to note is that hunting, fishing and the extraction of any type of natural product are not allowed, as is the trade in wild species in the reserve to protect endangered species and guarantee the preservation of biodiversity. .

It is important to note that firearms or any type of explosives that may cause harm to wildlife can not enter, which is a threat to the safety of visitors and nearby communities.

Every little action counts and can make a difference.

Traveler friends should consider, in addition to the aforementioned restrictions, that it is important to keep the environment clean by avoiding throwing garbage and debris anywhere. There are only specific deposits for the disposal of materials and it must be used properly.

On the other hand, the use of drones in the reserve is not allowed since they can disturb the fauna and affect the behavior of the animals, guaranteeing the safety of the visitors and the protection of the reserve.

Finally, it is important to note that motorized vehicles are not allowed in the reserve to minimize human impact on the environment and preserve the natural beauty of Cuyabeno. Well, as is logical, the noise and air emitted by this type of vehicle further contaminate the reserve and endanger the species.

Remember that the Cuyabeno Reserve is a natural treasure that we must protect for future generations. Enjoy your visit and be a good environmental citizen!


Why is it prohibited to take Cuyabeno?

It is prohibited to take Cuyabeno because it is a protected natural reserve, where it seeks to preserve its ecosystem and biodiversity. Removing any element from this reserve, such as plants, animals or minerals, can cause an imbalance in the environment and damage the habitat of numerous species.

What are the consequences of taking Cuyabeno?

Taking Cuyabeno has multiple negative consequences, both for the ecosystem and for the people who do it. By extracting elements from this reserve, the natural balance of the place is altered, endangering the survival of numerous species. Additionally, legal sanctions, such as fines or even imprisonment, may be faced for violating environmental protection laws.

Are there exceptions to the prohibition of taking Cuyabeno?

There are no exceptions to the prohibition of taking Cuyabeno. The reserve is protected by environmental laws and regulations to ensure its conservation. However, controlled and regulated tourist activities are allowed, where visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of Cuyabeno without putting its preservation at risk.

Why is it important to respect the prohibition of taking Cuyabeno?

It is essential to respect the prohibition of taking Cuyabeno to ensure the preservation of this valuable ecosystem. By respecting laws and regulations, you contribute to maintaining the biodiversity of the reserve and protecting natural resources for future generations. In addition, sustainable tourism is promoted and awareness is raised about the importance of conserving natural spaces.